Adoption Guidelines for LGBTQ

Same sex couples can adopt privately from

Same sex couples could apply with Bethany Christian Services or Catholic Services but probably will be denied.    Both of these agencies opposed SB 149 but they stated they still will offer fostering for same sex couples.

Same sex couples may also apply to be foster/adoptive parents through their local South Dakota Department of Social Services office. The program is somewhat intensive but cost effective.

If any same sex couple has been discriminated against and feel their rights are violated they should seek the advice of legal counsel or visit with their local ACLU.

South Dakotas adoption laws are not friendly to the LGBTQ. Reach out to legislators to express how limited this process is for you as a same sex couple.  Before you talk to them, see how they voted on SB 149, which was passed in the 2017 session and allows adoption agencies under state contract to discriminate against LGBTQ families.  Have an honest but respectful conversation.  You can  find your legislators on the LRC website (Who are my Legislators?)

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